Starting Points

Modem Issues

  1. Always power cycle modem AND router (if applicable) first when any problem occurs.
  2. If all modem lights are on and you have a router, try plugging from the modem straight into the computer to see if there is a connection. If so then it is a problem with your router not your internet service or modem.
  3. If your recieve light is blinking then you need to call the office for a representative to troubleshoot or schedule an appointment.

Digital Cable Box

  1. Make sure your television is on channel 3 or that it is on the correct input. (example: HDMI 1)
  2. Make sure all cables connected to your TV and box are plugged in correctly and tight.
  3. If using the remote: Make sure to push the cable button at the top of the remote and then try to control the box. If you push the TV button it will control the TV.

1Tennessee Conversion

What you need to know

Q: Will my rates go up/How will this affect my bill? A: The conversion to a cooperative will not change your bill or rates. You now become an owner of the cooperative so moving forward, you’ll have a say when determining our rates and services. 

Q: Will all members or subscribers really be an owner or shareholder? A: Absolutely! As a member, you’ll participate in the success of the organization, which is why we are transitioning into a cooperative. As we grow, so does the value of your membership.

Q: What does an owner or shareholder mean? A: If you are a customer of 1Tennessee, then as a member-owner you will not only have the opportunity to vote on rates, services, expansions, and other things happening with the organization but also have access to dividends and other perks. As more time passes, our customers will have more say regarding our policies and issues by voting and electing board members.

Q: How will my service change? A: In the short term, you will not notice any change in service except our planned video and internet upgrades. Over the long term, we plan to expand access and further upgrade our services using lower interest rates and grants not available to us as a for-profit business.

Q: What will becoming an owner cost me? A: There will not be any expense except potentially a small application fee required by law.

Q: What is a cooperative? A: Our cooperative is a consumer-owned, non-profit organization established to provide quality broadband, video, and voice services at the lowest possible cost.

Q: What were your other options? A: We have had multiple offers over the past five years from big, traditional cable companies. We chose this path to best protect our customers and to ensure stable, affordable access for our communities well into the future.

Q: Are there new owners? A: If you are a customer, then you will be or are a new owner! Any new customers who sign up will also become a member-owner.

Q: Who are the new board members? A: We are finalizing the first set of board members during this time, but if you have someone in mind please share that with us. Send the information to John Warmath at - additionally, you’ll elect board members at the first annual meeting.

Q: Will this improve our service? A: Absolutely. Cooperatives have special access to grants and lower interest rate loans which will allow for better, quicker upgrades. We will continue to expand our fiber services across rural underserved areas while improving our existing network(s). Plus, you’ll see our awesome new video product debut this fall.

Q: How will 1Tennessee further their expansion? A: We will continue to expand our fiber services to rural underserved areas to provide access across West Tennessee.

Q: Does my bill payment process stay the same? A: As far as paying online, yes. You will still login to your MyBroadband account online. We still call 314 N 22nd Avenue our home, but have updated the bill pay address to further enhance your customer experience. Therefore, if you choose to mail your payments please remit address for payments:

MSC 7565

Infostructure, Inc.

PO Box 415000

Nashville, TN 37241 - 7565

Q: Now that I have ownership of something, how will this affect my taxes?  A: It shouldn’t. You just may have to pay something on the dividends you receive.

Thank you for your questions and comments. If you want more information, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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