Our Vision For A Better Future In Media & Communications (and for Humankind)

Over the next year, we plan to take aggressive action to bring our video product up to speed. Throughout this time, we will be working with you and our other customers to identify which products are best suited to improve your experience. The recent introduction of Watch TV Everywhere is just one example of what we hope to accomplish. Other initiatives include the rollout of an on-demand platform and expanding our HD offerings.

Over the past year, we have upgraded our network to be able to routinely offer Internet bandwidth speeds of 100Mbps and greater across our entire cable modem network. Since our network is fiber optic based, we can easily add increased bandwidth ( speeds ) wherever we want. Gigabit connectivity, via fiber optics, is currently available in our business districts and in special circumstances for residential customers. Feel free to inquire for more information.

Renewable Energy Production

In addition to our core business initiatives, we believe that solving the sustainable energy problem is essential to the future of humanity. It's for that reason that we choose to invest some of our profits into solar power generation. You've probably seen our 20 dual-axis trackers behind Lonnie Cobb Chrysler Dodge Jeep.  

Each tracker is loaded with 36 255W panels. They track on both axises to follow the Sun across the horizon no matter the season or time of day. By producing solar energy we offset a significant portion of the energy we use that would otherwise be fueled by coal or natural gas. Solar energy creates exactly zero carbon-dioxide emissions making it an efficient, sustainable source fuel. At 93 million miles away, the sun is the world's best fusion generator. In addition to our solar trackers, we also have a solar awning at our offices.

Recommended Viewing

We always hope our customers will join us in trying to create a better future for our planet, children, and many future generations to come. Here are some of our recommendations that break down what is happening, and what we can do to solve the problem.

An Inconvenient Truth is former Vice President, and Tennessee native, Al Gore's documentary breaking down the climate science so that we can all understand what is happening and what inaction will look like. 


John Doerr is one of Silicon Valley's most prestigious venture capital investors. He understands technology, big problems, and economics. And... he's scared.