A Model for the Future

Congratulations! Welcome to 1 Tennessee...

On July 3, 2018, we filed articles of conversion with the Secretary of State, which formally converted Infostructure, Inc. (owned by the Warmath family) to 1 Tennessee Broadband, TV, and Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (owned by all of us who use the service(s) provided by our cooperative). 

While your ownership in this organization is new, our company has a long history here in West Tennessee. Founded in 1964 as The Courier Chronicle Inc. by J. Frank Warmath, we consider this our family farm. This week, you became a part of that family. This decision didn't come quickly or lightly... it all started in early 2016 when we decided to walk away from our third major offer in as many years. Selling the family farm to a big corporate cable operator would have meant a large chunk of change, but when it came down to it, it just didn't feel right. 

That's when we started to explore what we call "models for the future". Customer loyalty and engagement are important to us, as is attracting talented employees. Continuing rural broadband expansion as we have since 1999 was also a priority in our decision making process. As we made some much needed upgrades in 2017 that we had put off during the potential sale(s) process, we started to think about what we wanted this company to be in the future.

Early in 2018, we began to explore the benefits of becoming a cooperative. First and foremost, it means that our customers (you) will become stakeholders with real control and transparency, as well as a ensuring a lasting commitment to our communities. The move also opens up so many new paths forward for rural expansion, from grants and low-interest loans to tax exemption, which will allow us to serve more West Tennesseans who currently lack adequate access to these vital services.

At first, we thought this was crazy: private companies with strong businesses don't give up control and profits. But when it came down to it, we figured we've always done things a little differently - let's do it again! 

Broadband and advanced communications are tools that cannot be underestimated in the ways they can change lives. Moving forward, it has become clear that our company, and our network, will be better off in the hands of the people who rely on it to make a living, educate themselves, and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

We are proud to have made this decision and so excited for what the future holds for the people and communities served by 1 Tennessee: Your Co-op. 

Onward and upward, 

Frank, John, and William Warmath

TVA Earth Day

Dear Mr. Johnson and Members of the TVA Board,

As we celebrate the 48th annual Earth Day, there are many reasons to reflect on what we’ve learned since April 22, 1970 and consider what those lessons mean for our collective future. We have come to understand that burning fossil fuels contributes to global climate instability. We have watched tragedies unfold like the BP Oil Spill and the Kingston Fly Ash Spill that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up (which still shows up in our monthly bills), not to mention the effects on our air, water, and wildlife. We have watched as our electric bills steadily creep up and up and up. Now it’s time we ask ourselves why we continue to abide by the status quo.

The TVA Act mandates TVA to act “in the interest of the national defense and for agricultural and industrial development” and “to control the destructive flood waters of the Tennessee River.” In order to lawfully meet this mandate, TVA must invest heavily in renewable energy such as solar and wind. Solar and wind are the lowest cost energy options; why does TVA continue to stifle renewable investment with its pathetic offerings and lack of a Renewable Portfolio Standard? The new offer is lower than net metering and discourages even small-scale solar investment. Ten megawatts per year is a pittance. Investing in fossil plants is to mortgage our future, not just environmentally but also economically.

Renewables are some of the fastest growing job markets in the world. They provide low cost, reliable electricity. By the time we have a meaningful portfolio of solar and wind, battery storage will be reaching economic viability. Continuing to burn fossil fuels, which emit atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide (amongst other dangerous chemicals), hurts our economy and fuels storms that directly, and indirectly, increase flooding in the Tennessee River. Furthermore, the Department of Defense, along with every branch of the U.S. Military, has stated that global climate change is among the highest risks to our national defense. In other words, TVA is in violation of its Charter multiple times over. For what? To pay executives millions of dollars per year, buy new airplanes, and hide bad investments (i.e. stranded assets)?

We understand that distributed generation is bad for TVA’s bottom line. However, TVA exists not to generate profits but to act in the best interest of the people of the Tennessee Valley and the people of the United States of America. It’s high time that TVA find the courage and strength to press forward and become a leader in renewable energy and sustainable development. For the good of us all, let’s make the Tennessee Valley a beacon of hope for our future and the future of our children.

Investing in solar and wind will create jobs, lower electric rates, and protect our planet. It’s time for TVA to act!

Thank you,

Pulling the Trigger on FTTH

Click1 is ramping up Fiber-to-the-Premises

Fiber optics allow us greater control over our system and, thus, over your end-user experience. 

Today marks the beginning of an exciting future for Click1. We have just committed to ramping up Fiber-to-the-Home and Fiber-to-the-Business services. This is our second step on the path to 1 Gigabit speeds, higher upload speeds, and improved consistency across our plant. This gear has been field tested over the last several months, which allowed us to identify the best industry partners and ensure a smooth rollout. Today, we sent the purchase order for the equipment we already have plus more. We are officially announcing our fiber-to-the-premises plans today!

You are the first to know.

Fiber allows us a greater level of control throughout our system by eliminating problem-causing gear that’s required to operate traditional coaxial cable. We are excited about the opportunity to offer higher speeds, improved consistency, and overall better service. This is just one of many changes we are making this year. We couldn’t do it without great customers like yourself… we are committed to offering you the best experience possible.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”
— Benjamin Franklin