1 Tennessee: An Owner's Guide

Infostructure, Inc., better known as Click1, has officially converted to a non-profit, member-owned internet, TV, and telephone cooperative. As a customer, you are a member, and therefore an owner, of the cooperative, which has been renamed as 1Tennessee.


Our Mission

Connecting you to what matters most…
1Tennessee seeks to improve the lives of West Tennesseans by providing reliable, affordable access to the information, entertainment and communication that matters most. We plan to do that by giving all of our customers equal, transparent, and democratic control of our broadband, video, & voice operations.



Will my bill go up? That's usually the first question that gets asked. The answer is "no!". In fact, you now have a say on future price changes and services offered. We'll provide more info in the weeks to come.



1 Tennessee has some big plans. Like an upgraded video experience complete with video on demand, cloud DVR, and enhanced HD, Fiber to the home, and enhanced cable modem speeds. Change is good!



As an owner you now participate in the profits of the company. As we grow, the value of your "stock" does as well. Our Board meetings will be open to the public and we encourage you to let your voice be heard.

Got Questions?