1Tennessee Speedtest

Are you wanting to know your download and upload speeds? Having issues with some of your devices? We are here to help. Please take both of the speed tests below, take them at multiple times of day, and if you are having continual issues, please send your results to support@1tennessee.net

Click1 Speedtest.png

Internal Network Speedtest

This speed test will show you the speed of the internet from our headend to your home and back across our network. This test helps you (and us) understand what might be happening on our gear or somewhere in our network. Please use it first and record your findings.


External Network Speedtest

The external network speed test shows what happens from our headend out across the external networks that we use to connect to the world wide web. This test will help us assess whether there are some issues with our providers, which we can relay on to them to fix the issues. Please take this test second and record your findings.