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IwIRT Explained: $3 for Better All-Around Service

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We realize that there is some concern and misconception regarding the new IwIRT, $3 fee. We understand that your money is precious and that's why we rarely add new fees to your bill. In fact, cable TV prices only increase because the programmers (content providers) raise the rates we have to pay per subscriber every year. Internet prices, on the other hand, decrease as bandwidth becomes cheaper, and we pass those savings on to you. 

The IwIRT fee is our version of what many companies call "Wire Maintenance" or "Technology" fees. Most companies charge $4.99 but we believe $3 is all that is needed.

This small fee helps take care of routine plant maintenance such as replacing squirrel-damaged wire, fixing cheap in-house wiring, and maintaining power supplies, amplifiers, etc. While those are routine/boring items, it also allows us to invest in newer, more exciting products/services to improve your experience. Our particular focus is on technology that allows us to proactively solve network problems.

Today, if your modem goes down, we may not know until we get a call from you. In the future, that will not be the case. Additionally, we are making a variety of upgrades and adding new services to further improve your experience. 

We understand your confusion and we hope this clears it up. We can promise that this small additional fee will help us make BIG improvements to your experience. We will be making these improvements known to you in the months ahead. 

Thank you for choosing Click1!  

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