Earth Day 2018

This Earth Day, we are taking action to tell TVA (our local power provider) that we demand more a more renewable energy mix. Why? Not only do renewables (i.e. solar and wind) protect our long-term futures, but they also improve quality of life and are NOW the LOWEST cost option (especially at utility scale). TVA's latest efforts to increase fixed costs on our electric bills are an attempt to make distributed energy (i.e. solar) and home efficiency projects less economical. It's time we demand our energy freedom.


Sign On to Our Letter To TVA

This Earth Day we decided to write TVA a letter asking them why they want to increase fixed costs on our bills and dis-incentivize solar rather than invest in our collective future. Given that renewables like solar and wind are now the low cost leaders and will save us money, there's no excuse for TVA to violate its Charter - and continue to operate with $30 Billion in debt. Read the letter and sign on if you agree!


RSVP To Our Screening of Bill Nye: Science Guy

We have a special screening of the new PBS documentary of Bill Nye: Science Guy exploring the life of Bill Nye, science education, climate change and all things in between. We hope you'll let us know if you are interested in a public screening and we'll reach out about the time and location. 

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Learn More About Renewables & Energy Independence

From Debbie Dooley's Tea Party movement pushing for energy independence to Al Gore's Climate Reality organization, the South is filled with high-profile activists demanding that America (and TVA) become a leader in renewable energy innovation. Solar and wind are the low cost options. The U.S. solar industry is one of the fastest growing job markets in the world. The time for clean energy is now!