A Serial Entrepreneur

James Franklin ‘J. Frank’  Warmath graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics before attending Cumberland Law School. While J. Frank was a lawyer by trade, he was also a serial entrepreneur in the Humboldt community. He had his hand in the founding of many local organizations such as The Courier Chronicle, and H&M Construction with Charles 'Chicken' Fite of Milan.

Later, the cable company was incorporated with the Humboldt Chronicle as The Courier Chronicle, Inc., which also owned the Dyer Tri-City Reporter and the Trenton Herald Gazette along with the two radio stations: WIRJ-AM (740) & WZDQ-FM.

1970: Cable TV 

In 1969, J. Frank acquired the local franchise for cable television. By the following year, he founded Humboldt Cable Company. We offered local WBBJ & WKNO plus the three Memphis networks affiliates for ABC, CBS, NBC for just $5 per month. 

1981: John Franklin Warmath Sr. ("Frank") Becomes President

After finishing college at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, Frank (one of two twins of J. Frank) returned to take over as President. At this time, the name was changed to Warmath Communications, Inc. 

1986: Medina Expansion

In 1986, we expanded our plant to cover the emerging town of Medina. As we focused more resources on video service, we sold WZDQ-FM.

1999: InfoStructure, Inc. is Born

In April 1999, we changed the name once again to represent our additional product offering of internet access service as a Broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider). We launched both dial-up and cable internet services at this time. We rebuilt the entire cable plant in the standard 2-way format with a hybrid fiber + coaxial-cable distribution. Additionally, we expanded our plant from approximately 100 miles to more than 250 miles. To top off the major changes, we launched digital video service, which has transformed into the High Definition content we are accustomed to today. 

Another understated event in 1999 was the hiring of Dustin Twyman. As a 16-year old, Dustin was hired to provide after-hours help desk for new internet customers. This was during the time when every phone call started with, “Are you sure your computer is on?”

Dustin grew from that role into a full-time cable technician before leaving for a tour of duty in Iraq. 

2006: Moving Shop

We were able to find a buyer for the Humboldt Courier Chronicle that included our office/warehouse on East End Drive. We moved into 314 N. 22nd Ave where we currently reside. 

2010: Dustin Takes the Reigns 

After 40 years, Mark Love retires from the company, and Dustin Twyman is elevated to Technical Operations Manager.

2012: Click1.net Adopted as Official Brand Name

While our corporate entity name remains to be InfoStructure, Inc., we use Click1.net as our 'doing business as' name to reflect technological shifts in telecommunications. As Mosaic Founder Marc Andreessen once famously exclaimed, "Internet is eating the world!" It's true… Internet has revolutionized our industry and our lives. Click1 remains dedicated to providing the best possible information, entertainment, and communications experience to our customers. 

2015: Third Generation

In the Fall of 2015, John F. "John" Warmath Jr. was named President of Infostructure, Inc.. Along with our GM/Corporate Secretary, Dustin, and the rest of the our Team, we will continue our mission of connecting Gibson County residents to the information, entertainment, and communications that matter most at FAST speeds and LOW prices.

2016: Internet for All

In 2016, we decided to make some changes to our business model. Our motivation? Every person deserves the opportunity to access the internet. Internet access enables transformational possibilities by providing access to unprecedented amounts of information and nearly instantaneous communications. So, we built a model that offers internet starting at $10 and increases by $10 per doubled increment of speed (i.e. 1MB = $10, 2MB = $20). If you bundle with a TV package, you get 1MB for free. This is internet for all. 


John, Dustin, and the rest of the Click1 Team have big plans for 2017 and beyond! Sweeping improvements to our video product will help us offer more channels, specifically HD, while also improving our Internet product by freeing up additional frequencies. Headend improvements will ensure more consistent speeds across our entire network. New fiber construction will allow us to offer more consistent speeds as well as symmetrical up- and down-stream speeds. And we don't stop with telecommunications... we are working to offset our entire electric usage with solar to ensure that our company, our community, and our planet are positioned for a bright future. 

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