1TN Announces Amnesty Program



NOVEMBER 23, 2018 - HUMBOLDT, TN - In an effort to reward honesty, and prevent an overload of installation requests that could push new installs out weeks, 1Tennessee is rolling out an amnesty program for households using illegal cable TV connections.

“We have several hundred homes throughout our service area committing cable theft,” says John Warmath, President of 1Tennessee. “We came up with a program that will help us reward those customers who are willing to fess up. All you have to do is visit 1tennessee.net/amnesty or give us a call at 784-5000. We have a few questions and we’ll charge a non-refundable $99 fee to guarantee your place in the installation queue.”

Residents that take advantage of the amnesty program will get to keep their illegal connection until 1Tennessee can schedule a legitimate installation. Additionally, 1Tennessee will agree not to pursue criminal charges or civil damages against anyone who chooses amnesty. As a final perk, they’ll take half off any past due balance on your account, if you have any. That’s a pretty good offer considering the alternative could be thousands of dollars in fines or even jail time.

“We aren’t looking to put people in jail for cable theft… but we will if we have to,” says Warmath. “All we are asking for is honesty moving forward. Regardless, these illegal connections are going to be useless once we finish our digital upgrade in a few weeks.”

Take advantage of the amnesty program by visiting www.1tennessee.net/amnesty or calling 784-5000.